“Begin with the end in mind” – Steven Covey

The Purpose

The purpose of the Monday Morning Success Tip Blog is to help you create 15 minutes of “Gold-time” per week that will significantly improve your life.

How we start something often determines the end. The “Monday Morning Success Tip” is a weekly success tip designed to help you start your week in a way that increases the likelihood of receiving the outcome you desire!

Many success and happiness gurus talk about the importance of taking a few minutes every Sunday evening or Monday morning to plan your activities for the week. 15 minutes of reflective time on Monday morning to get focused and prioritize activities can make a significant difference in your productivity.

In today’s fast-paced world, top executives and leaders often complain about a lack of “thinking time”. I call this uninterrupted thinking time “Gold-time”.  Gold-time is time we set aside for the specific purpose of “success contemplation”.  One of the reasons I love working out at the gym, is because the treadmill gives me 30 minutes of uninterrupted thinking time. Other people are watching TV or listening to their Ipods—I’m doing my Success Contemplation! It gives me time to think, reflect and plan.

Success Contemplation

Many religions promote the importance of taking time in spiritual contemplation. They see spiritual contemplation as a foundation of spiritual growth. I think the same is true with other areas of our lives. Making time for deep thought about our goal will increase the likelihood of achieving it. Success Contemplation is the foundation of success.

Once you see the results you receive, you will most likely make weekly “Success Contemplation”  a non-negotiable part of Monday Mornings!

The Process

Using this process is simple:

·         Set aside 15 minutes every Monday to use your Monday Morning Success Tip. (Make this Gold-Time—a gift to yourself that you keep no matter what)

·         Every Monday morning a new Success Tip will be posted. You can access the post by going directly to the site (you may want to bookmark it for easier access), or better yet, subscribe to the blog and you will receive the posts by email).

·         Read the post and do the reflective process that is suggested (You will need something you can use as a Success Log to write your thoughts and use to keep track of your progress).

·         Use the tip and reflective process to plan your week.

·         Every Friday evening (You can also do this Saturday or Sunday if you prefer) use this Weekly Review Process review your week and think about the following 5 questions:

Weekly Review Process

1.       What went well?

2.       What did not go well?

3.       What did I learn from this?

4.       What will I do differently next time?

5.       Then celebrate what you did do well – no matter how small the success is.

I encourage you to take Sunday off completely. Rest  and downtime are just as important a contemplation!


Do not confuse Success Contemplation with “over thinking” or “over analyzing”. Over analyzing is usually fear based. It traps us in a type of paralysis. With over thinking, we “spin” or obsess on a thought. Success Contemplation is more detached—like an observer. With Success Contemplation, we get the insight we need, move on, and take action. Over thinking creates “stuck-ness”. Success Contemplation leads to movement.

Share Your Knowledge

We all learn from each other! If you have a success tip that really works for you, please share it in the comment section under the Community Tab! We can all learn from each other!


Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

This blog was inspired by author, Maura Schreier-Fleming who wrote the book, Monday Morning Sales Tips. It is a wonderful little book that provides you with on sales strategy per week to work with. Maura inspired me to do something similar with success tip. I highly recommend Maura’s book.


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