Renate Donnovan, MA, CEC, CHt, MNLPP


Renate Donnovan has been involved with the personal growth and development field for 25 years. Her journey began in her mid-teens when already she was unhappy with her direction in life and knew she wanted something different then she was being directed towards.  A self-help junkie, she read almost every self-help and motivational book on the shelf in the late 80’s and early-mid 90’s.

From there she attended workshops, seminars, and courses on personal growth and development. At some point, she was introduced to personal coaching and leadership development. This led her to complete a Master’s degree in Leadership and 4 coaching designations.

Renate is the former coordinator of the College Success Program at Bow Valley College in Calgary. While at Bow Valley College, Renate started her coaching practice in the evenings and on weekends. However, Renate noticed that there were many things that you cannot “coach through”.  People often made only an amount of progress and they hit deep seated emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. She began to look for something to move herself and her clients more easily through those blocks.

This resulted in Renate falling deeply in love with the fields of Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is one of the few counselling hypnotists who specializes in hypnosis for success, business and leadership development. She has worked with individuals and teams in Canada and the United States.

The founder of Emergence Hypnotherapy and Coaching  in Kitchener, Ontario, Renate is the creator of the Emerge From Depression Program. Her areas of specialization are: depression and anxiety; self-esteem, achievement, success and leadership development. Strangely, when she turned 40 she began developing a strong interest in anti-aging hypnosis.

Her goal is to help her clients achieve “mind-blowing results!”

She believes in doing everything with wonder and possibility! You can contact her through her website at:


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