Week 14 – Thousands of Mini Adjustments: Becoming a Life-Tacker!


“The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home.” – Tiffany Reisz

Did you know that sailboats and airplanes are off course approximately 99% of the time? Because of the way a sailboat must work with wind to move, it is impossible for a sailboat to sail in a straight line. A sailboat moves through a process called “tacking”. Tacking is a process of deliberately over shooting a target in one direction, then “coming about” to over shoot it the target in the other direction, then coming about again. The sailboat reaches its destination through a process of zig zaging its way towards its destination. Something similar is true for airplanes. Both sailboats and airplanes are off course most of the time, yet they manage to reach their destinations through thousands of mini adjustments.


The same is true for life. Because we humans must work with factors in life, like other people, financial restrictions, rules, laws of the land, laws of physics, limitations in technology, limitations in our thinking, conventions, beliefs, and more, we can rarely “sail” directly towards our goals. Like the sailboat, we “tack” through life, turning into the wind and making thousands of mini adjustments until we reach our destination.


For the avid sailor, tacking isn’t work, it IS the sailing. Tacking IS the beauty of the journey and the joy of the experience.


Successful people are accomplished Life-Tackers. Like sailors who harness the wind to move, successful people learn how to work with the nature of the things around them to move steadily towards their destinations. If they tack too far in one direction, they “come about” and tack in the other direction. Successful people are not afraid to be off course. Successful people know getting anywhere and doing anything is a process of making thousands of mini course corrections.


sail boat

Being off course isn’t a disaster or mistake. It’s how we sail through life. Don’t spend hours berating yourself for overshooting (or undershooting) the target, simply make course corrections and come about and get back on track.


This week’s success tip is: Become a Life-Tacker! This week, when you notice you are off course somewhere in your life, simply come about and get back on course. This week, make mini adjustments that bring you closer to your destination!



  • Think about a goal or accomplishment you are working towards.
  • Notice where you are on course and off course.
  • What took you off track?
  • What factors are you tacking into?
  • What adjustments do you need to make to get back on track?
  • Life-tack!
  • At the end of the week, use the weekly review process outlined in the About tab to review your progress.

(My apologies to my readers for not posting for the past two weeks. I will be posting two entries this week and next week until I’m back on course. Life-Tacking at its finest! WARNING!! Coming About!)


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