Week 3 – Let’s Get Closer


Let’s face it, the world is shiny and interesting! There are thousands (well, millions, actually) of interesting things that can catch our attention, distract us, and pull us off course. It is easy spend time doing things that are fun and interesting, but have nothing to add to our goal or dream. While some pure leisure and fun are needed in every life, successful people have an incredible ability to focus on the tasks that will bring them closest to their dreams. Successful people don’t waste time on anything that will take them away from their dreams. That’s why they accomplish so many of them.

Many years ago, while reading a wonderful motivational book (I can no longer remember which one) the author shared a trick he used. On his wall, or somewhere where he could see it several times a day, he had a picture of his dream or goal. While that is not unusual, what he wrote on it was. With a large black marker, he wrote on the picture, “Does it get me closer to THIS?”  Every time he had a negative thought, started a new activity, or was thinking of saying yes to a request, he would look at this picture and ask himself, “Does it get me closer to this?” If whatever he was doing, thinking, or considering would NOT take him closer to his dream, he would decline the request, or change his thoughts and actions.

does it get me closer

I have used this technique for many years now and it has served me well.  Sometimes, I do participate in things for the pure joy of it.  They get me closer to my dream from the place of helping me rejuvenate. However, 95% of my actions, thoughts, and activities move me in the direction of my dreams and life’s purpose.  Before I do ANYTHING, I ask myself if this thing will take me a step closer to my dream–whether that dream is closer family connections, better health, happiness, or material goal, I check-in.  Taking steps daily in the direction of our dreams can, in themselves, create pure joy.

This week’s success tip is: Get Closer to THIS!


  1. Create a picture of one of your goals or dreams. If you have a vision board, great—you can use that.
  2. Put it where you walk by it multiple times a day
  3. Either take a post-it note or write directly on the picture the words, “Does it get me closer to THIS?”
  4. Over the next week, stop what you are doing several times a day and check-in
  5. Does what you are doing, thinking, or about to agree to get you closer to your dream or goal?
  6. If what you are considering/doing will distract you, waste your time and energy, or send you off course, either say no, or change what you are doing or thinking so you are one step closer to your dream!

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