Yearly Success Tip: Set Priorities, NOT Resolutions


For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”  ― T.S. Eliot

OK, I know it’s not Monday. But being January 1st AND the launch of the new blog, I thought it was fitting to share an annual process that I have done for the past 10 years. (Yes, really! I have done this process every year on January 1st for the past 10 years.) This is NOT a goal setting process or resolution setting. But it is a Success process, so it seemed fitting to share.

The full process is actually longer than I can share in detail in a blog post. It is based on the book, Your Best Year Yet, by Ginny Ditzler. A co-worker told me about this book 10 years ago. At the time, she had used been using the book every year for the previous 5 years. My co-worker said, “Since I started using this process, every year really has been better than the year before.”  I can honestly say the same is true for me. I am honoured to share this gift with you.

The entire process takes a full day, so I am only going to share the top 5 steps in this post. But, doing these 5 steps alone will set you in a new direction. (If you are interested in the full process, you can join me in the workshop I am holding on January 25, from 9-5 pm in Kitchener. Registration will be up on my website next week.)

new years

This is a reflective process, so you will need a Success Log or Journal to record your answers in and use for regular reflection and review. Here are the top 5 steps that will help you create Your Best Year Yet!

  1. What were your accomplishments this year? (In your success log, list as many as you can think of, small and large)
  2. What were your disappointments this year? (In your success log, list as many as you can think of, small and large)
  3. Review each of your accomplishments and disappointments one at a time. For each accomplishment or disappointment, ask yourself “What did I do or NOT do in each situation that lead to the outcome?”
  4. What are your top 3 priorities this year? (Set priorities not Resolutions. Most people have given up on their resolutions by the 3rd week in January. A priority is something you want to focus on all year long. Pick only 3 priorities, because there will be additional actions that go with each one. A priority might be something like self-care, family, career, health, travel).
  5. What are you going to do or NOT do this year to ensure you achieve these priorities? List the wills and won’ts for each priority.

 At the end of each week, use the weekly reflection process (under the About Tab) to review how you did and make any course corrections you need for the next week. You can also pair the above process with the Monday Morning Success Tips for even more impact.

Wishing you an AWESOME 2014! May this truly be Your Best Year Yet!


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